World's Purest Wild Marine Collagen Concentrate

We can't reverse the time but we can slow it down ™ with our wild Icelandic collagen peptides.

How to use it

Our 330ml bottle of a liquid concentrate contains 15 daily portions. Measure 2 cups of liquid, add to water or juice and enjoy your new improved look.

True Icelandic origin

If you don't buy farmed fish, why would you buy farmed fish collagen? Unlike other brands, EVENYOU® fish collagen peptides are derived from the deep water wild cod, from the pristine Icelandic waters. It means it is the cleanest, purest and most tasty collagen product on Earth. Each 330ml bottle of a liquid concentrate contains 15 daily portions. Just add to water and enjoy your new improved look.

Amazing taste

Our collagen peptides has an amazing natural taste reminiscent of a water with lemon drink. No artificial flavoring, No fishy smell. No sugar. When mixed with water it has a slightly sour flavor.

Complete formula

Collagen alone is not enough to rejuvenate your skin completely. This is why our complete solution includes patented HyaPure350 ™ hyaluronic acid blend with precise dosage of crucial vitamins.

ZERO Added Sugars

If you are insulin resistant then this concentrate is a perfect match for you as well. Usually collagen products contain a lot of sugar to mask a bad taste of farmed raw ingredients. We have nothing to hide as our concentrate just tastes great so we don’t add any sugars at all.

Scarcity of supply

Our collagen is derived from wild Icelandic fish. Because there are very strict fishing quotas in the Icelandic waters for sustainable and preservation of nature reasons, our supply of raw fish skin is extremely limited by nature. Make sure you will order enough bottles to last you at least 4 months. When we run out of product, you will have to wait till beginning of next year.


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